“The idea for ‘Make Your Own Musicals’ came after teaching a class of young children at Glasgow Acting Academy, where I worked as a musical theatre teacher. I got the class to write a song together, encouraging them to come up with the story, lyrics and tune while I provided accompaniment with my guitar.

We ended up writing a song about a monster called “Zarq Bezark” and the children were so proud of what they had created together, they even asked me if they could record it so it could get to number one!

I loved seeing them enjoy themselves whilst writing it, so I was shocked to find that there weren't really any products available that encouraged children to create their own songs, let alone their own musicals. So I decided to make my own.”

Jonathan O'Neill

Co-founder of MYOMusicals


We’re sure we’ll all get on great when we’re allowed out of our homes, and at least until then, we have plenty of musicals to make together!


Stay safe everyone!

Jonathan, Isaac & Adam

Co-creators of MYOMusicals



'Make Your Own Musicals' is made up of three musical theatre creatives: Jonathan, Isaac and Adam.

Jonathan and Isaac are writing partners who met whilst studying in Glasgow and Adam is a London based director, producer and creator of Adam Lenson Productions. Funnily enough, we've never met in real life, only face to face to face on Zoom! 

After meeting through an online event for new musical theatre writers, we’ve been combining our knowledge to bring you the best musical experience possible.