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Written by Jonathan O'Neill & Isaac Savage...and YOU!

A musical about getting sucked into a television set and starting to become pixels!  You must now surf the channels and figure out a way to get back home in one piece.

What's Included?


 Scene-writing Prompts

Songwriting Prompts 

Original Backing Tracks

Sound Effects

Example Lyrics

Rhyming Sheet

Musical Theatre Dictionary 

Sound Cue Sheet

Print-out Tickets

Have a listen to some sample tracks from this musical!


Suitable for people aged 6-14. If under the age of 8, we recommend supervision by an adult or older sibling.

Pixelated - Sample TracksMake Your Own Musicals
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Have a look at some sample pages from this activity pack!

Pixelated (Group Version).jpg
Pixelated (Solo Version).jpg

If you'd like to buy a pack, you have the choice of either a SOLO or GROUP version. Choose the solo version if you'd like to perform a one-person show, and choose the group version if you'd like to perform it with friends or siblings.

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