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The Musical Theatre BoX

by Tuoso™ 

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Visit our Kickstarter page to learn more about the rewards on offer and to get your hands on a Musical Theatre Box!

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What in the name of
Michael Ball is it?

The Musical Theatre Box by Tuoso™ is a creative, bi-monthly subscription box service aimed at making music and drama fun and accessible for young people. It does exactly what it says on the tin (well, box); it gives you the tools to make your own, original, mini-musical at home!

Write original songs using catchy backing tracks, follow easy writing guides to create entertaining scenes and have a go at designing sets and costumes and watch as they come to life on a transforming theatre box. Developed from our digital packs used throughout lockdown, we’ve created an interactive box bursting with activities, merchandise and secret tips from West End industry creatives. The boxes are aimed at young people aged 8-14 and are priced at £45 per box, including free UK shipping.

If you'd like to support our Kickstarter™ in the future, sign up here to be notified when our crowdfunding campaign goes live!

What Is It?
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West End Approved!

We already have an ensemble of West End stars supporting our mission to improve accessibility in the arts, and who are ready to share their lessons and stories with you. Get a look at some of our star-studded ambassadors!

Michael Ahomka-Lindsay (Newsies, Legally Blonde), Lizzie Bea (Sister Act, Hairspray), Oscar Conlon-Morrey (Only Fools and Horses the Musical), Luke Latchman (Everybody's Talking About Jamie), Rob Madge (My Son's A Queer, Bedknobs and Broomsticks), Grace Mouat (Legally Blonde, & Juliet, Six), Natalie May Paris (Six), musical director Chris Poon (Great British Bake Off: The Musical, Rent), Jodie Steele (Heathers, Six) and Rebecca Trehearn (ALW's Cinderella, City of Angels, Rags).

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Our Supporters
What's Inside?

What's Inside?

Each musical theatre box has a different theme — this one here, 'Bad Taste' is a baking-themed musical, inspired by 'Waitress' and 'The Great British Bake Off'.

Scroll down this page to have a look at what's included in our transforming musical theatre box!

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Activity Pack


Backing Tracks
& Sound Effects




Notepad & Pen

my-image 48.PNG

Ice Cream Tubs
& Recipes


Customisable Poster

Slot-In Backdrop
& Character







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The Reviews are in!

"As a child, I would have absolutely loved this. What a brilliant way to encourage children to get creative and discover the many skills it takes to produce a musical. Genius! I can’t wait to try it with my little girl."

- Louise Dearman


*The only person ON THE PLANET to have played both Elphaba and Glinda in Wicked!


Really fun for kids, creative and unique. It got the kids off their computer and using their minds and their acting ability which was great to see.


Susie C.

A fun way to encourage children and young people to develop their creative skills and confidence by writing songs and scenes at home."

Wendy C. 


Very engaging with plenty of detail for young people without had lots of useful information and tips, plus the backing tracks were fantastic!


Kathryn P.

Our Mission

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Even before the pandemic, arts cuts in schools were meaning that young people missed out on invaluable creative education. Over 50% of state-funded secondary schools in the UK no longer teach music, and drama isn’t even on most primary school curriculums. Then, when lockdown hit, music and drama were the first to be ditched as they rely so heavily on collaboration and community.

The creative arts don't only inspire imagination, but they build confidence, communication and allow young people to express themselves.  As professional theatre performers, teachers and writers ourselves, when our work disappeared in lockdown, we knew we could to do something with our newly-found time to help improve access to meaningful creative experiences.

We came up with a digital activity pack to help keep creativity alive in young people’s homes and since then, we’ve continued to strive towards our mission of creative learning
opportunities for all young people, by not only making a more accessible product, but also making sure that creativity reaches the most vulnerable children in our country.

Our Mission

We’ve partnered with an awesome social project called The Make Bank, who tackle creative poverty in the UK by providing free art material kits and online resources to disadvantaged school-children, such as asylum seekers or young carers. Everyone should be able to pursue their passion and The Make Bank’s kits help pupils reach their full creative potential.

We’ve given our backers (you!) the option to donate
The Musical Theatre Box to The Make Bank instead of receiving the box yourself. This means you can support our shared mission and help inspire the next generation, even if you don’t have a young person in your life to give the box to.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Make Bank, visit Additionally, if you, or someone you know, would love one of our boxes but isn’t in the financial position to receive one by financially supporting this campaign, please email us at and we will inform you when our boxes are available for free through The Make Bank’s creative kit scheme.

The make bank Partnership

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For our crowdfunder, we have different levels of rewards based on how much you pledge. Scroll down to see the different rewards available.

1 - The Backer Your Seat

A traditional dedication for a theatre supporter...a plaque on the 'backer' your seat! (Get it now?) You'll have your name on a seat in our Tuoso Digital Community Theatre, a dedicated page on our website with a digital theatre seating plan and a seat for every supporter. Type your name in, find your seat (even snoop at who’s next to you.) Let’s make this theatre the biggest the world has ever seen! Plus, all backers get a 10% off voucher for our subscription service when launched.

Pledge £10

Songwriting Page.jpg

2 - Songwriting Prodigy

Get a taste of the real deal with this songwriting starter kit. You’ll get access to a fun original backing track and digital resources to help you create catchy lyrics and a marvellous melody to your very own show-stopping number.

Plus, a 10% off voucher for our subscription service when launched AND a dedicated seat in our Digital Community Theatre.

Pledge £25


3 - Star of the Show

Curtain up! Light the lights! Explore your creativity with The Musical Theatre Box bursting with fun themed activities. Either buy one for yourself, a child or young person you know, or donate it to Make Bank to help a disadvantaged young person get creative. If you’re quick, catch an early bird discount for up to 20% off!

Plus, you'll receive a 20% off voucher for our subscription service when launched AND a dedicated seat in our Digital Community Theatre. 


Super Early Bird Discount     Pledge £35 (20% off RRP)
Early Bird Discount                Pledge £40 (10% off RRP)
Standard Price                       Pledge £45

Writer Zoom.png

4 - Lloyd Webber Who?

Join us and some very special guests for a digital masterclass where we’ll share the secrets of songwriting, assign interactive tasks and invite participants to receive feedback on a lyric or song they’ve written using our packs or independently. There will be two separate sessions lasting three hours each, one aimed at children and young people, and one for adults.

Plus, The
 Musical Theatre Box AND a dedicated seat in our Digital Community Theatre.

Pledge £100

5 - Cartoons Up

Become immortalised as an illustrated character drawn by our in-house illustrator, Jess! We’ll use your character in our next box and you’ll get a digital copy for your own use. But that's not all, we’ll also print it on a mug, notebook or t-shirt and send it to you. Type which product you'd like at checkout and add your size if it's a t-shirt.

Plus, a space on our digital masterclass, The
 Musical Theatre Box AND a dedicated seat in our Digital Community Theatre.

Pledge £250


6 - A Tailored Tune

The creators of Tuoso (award winning songwriters may we add) will write a song for you about absolutely ANYTHING! It could be a romantic ballad to win over your secret crush, a belty show-stopper tailored to your voice or a memory immortalised in lyric. In the words of Elton John, this is your song.

Plus, a personalised illustration, a space on our digital masterclass, The
 Musical Theatre Box AND a dedicated seat in our Digital Community Theatre.

Pledge £500


7 - Hey, Mr. Producer

You’ve received your box, you (or your young person) has written a musical. Now, we’ll have a whole troupe of actors put in on and film it for your viewing. Sit back and relax as we bring your creation to life, with your name as the producer credit. And as an extra special supporter, we’ll check in with you every few weeks to help with the writing, designing and staging of your musical so we can get your vision just right.

Plus, a tailored tune, a personalised illustration, a space on our digital masterclass, The
 Musical Theatre Box AND an extra special dedicated VIP seat in our Digital Community Theatre.

Pledge £4,000

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You back our campaign (pretty please?)

February 2023
All digital rewards are sent out to our backers. This will include the songwriting taster pack, digital illustration files, and access to your named seat in the Tuoso™  Digital Theatre.

We'll be in touch with the 'Cartoons Up' backers for merch selection and sizing as well as the 'A Tailored Tune' backers for song ideas and a commission brief.

Final box and content designs will be approved and sent to start manufacture of the actual subscription boxes.

March 2023
For the 'Lloyd-Webber Who?' backers and above, our online musical theatre writing workshop will happen in March. This gives you a chance to have a go at a musical using your box and think about anything you want to ask the musical writing pros.

We’ll keep all of our backers updated with what we’re up to backstage at Tuoso™ and give early supporters exclusive access and discounts.

We’ll keep in regular contact with our 'Hey, Mr Producer!' backers so that we can start putting on your show as soon as you’ve written it and help with writing along the way!


End of November 2022
The campaign ends successfully and we all perform a big finalé to celebrate (we hope!)

Easter 2023
We aim to have The Musical Theatre Box on your doorstep just in time for the half term holidays! We’ll be in contact a month or so before to reconfirm shipping details and allow you to choose your box’s theme if we unlock our third stretch goal.

April 2023
Tuoso™ will launch The Musical Theatre Box subscription service to the rest of the public and send our early backers exclusive discounts off their subscription!

Who Is It For?
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Who is it for?

The box has been designed for young people between 8 and 14 years old, but the high quality backing tracks, guides and video masterclasses from professionals make it great for aspiring musical makers of any age. (Please note that children aged 6-9 may need some light adult supervision.)

I don't have kids but I want to help!

We’ve partnered with The Make Bank for exactly this reason! We know there will be people who want to support us and our mission to improve young people’s creative learning, but won’t actually have a young person to give their reward to (that's if you don’t want to do it yourself!).

If you select our main reward (Star of the Show) and check the 'Donate my box to The Make Bank' box, then we’ll give that box straight to The Make Bank who will help get it into the hands of a disadvantaged young person. We know they will really appreciate it and so do we! Thank you for sharing our goal for a more creative and equal world.

Are you a teacher or drama leader?

Well, never fear — Tuoso is here! When we launch next year, we will be making a workshop guide to go alongside a large group version of the pack for use in schools and drama clubs. Filled with warm-up games and exercises as well as lesson plans and fun extras, The Musical Theatre Box will be a fantastic way to get a whole group engaged and collaborating in an activity. We’ll also suggest the best ways to split up groups and different ways to use the product within different timeframes to suit you and your institution.

Simply back our project and tick the box saying that you’re interested in hearing about organisational group packs and licences, and we’ll send you more information and exclusive discounts for your organisation when they become available. We’ll also update you on the kind of material wer'e making and ask if there’s anything else you’d need to help facilitate a creative workshop. With your continued feedback we can make the best resources possible.

The Subscription Service

For this crowdfunder, we're offering The Musical Theatre Box as a one-off, but when we launch next year, it will be a bi-monthly subscription service where you receive a different themed box every two months.

You’ll receive a transforming theatre box for your first order and then the following two boxes will come in smaller boxes which add to the original box. This will save you money (£5 off each of the subsequent boxes), storage space and the planet! Each subsequent box will have a new theme, new backing tracks, new activity packs, programmes, slot-in-backdrops, character designs and stickers. We’ll send subscribers a new transforming theatre box every three boxes to keep it nice and tidy!

If you back our Kickstarter™ campaign, we’ll send you exclusive discounts for when the subscriptions service starts next year!

Subscription Service

Backstage Support

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our 'backstage' supporters, those who have assisted us on our journey any way they could.

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channels4_profile (1).jpeg

And to all those reviewers and publications who featured our digital 'Make Your Own Musical' packs.

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